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Small Agency vs. Large Agency

Ah, its September. A new school year has started, cooler weather is coming (we hope), and football season is in full swing. But it’s also a perfect time for another activity, according to hiring professionals. September/October is one of two perfect times in which to job hunt – with the other falling in January and February. Companies often slow or discontinue hiring during the summer months and holiday season to avoid onboarding new employees during peak vacation seasons. So, if you’ve been considering a career change, you may want to start that search now.
Depending on your field, one thing you may be weighing is whether or work for a small company or a large corporation. While there are benefits to both, here are some thoughts to ponder as you contemplate your next career move.
• Company structure: Corporate environments are generally more structured and have training protocols in place to ensure that employees are capable in their specified role. Also, there may be more opportunities to grow. Small businesses generally offer more flexibility in an environment that is less complex. Work/life balance is often better but there may not be as many opportunities to climb the ladder.
• Your role: Large corporations offer employees more opportunities to collaborate in a team environment with clearly delineated roles and responsibilities. As a result, you may be accountable for a small part of a bigger project. As an employee of a small business, you may be called on to fill a variety of roles. While this allows you to wear many different hats, mistakes may have a significant impact on the overall business success.
• Your Future: Your career success will be highly dependent on your career goals and how driven you are to accomplish them. In a corporate environment, it’s easy to become the proverbial “small fish in a big pond”, which isn’t an issue if you are confident in your ability to be heard above the collective voice of the crowd. Also, in an economic downturn or change in leadership, terminating you likely be an impersonal business decision made for the benefit of the company. A small business environment is often more intimate and involving more personal relationships. Termination will often be a last resort with a significant concern for how the event will affect you and your family’s future.
The choice between a small company and larger corporation is one that should be evaluated carefully, taking into account your lifestyle, personality, and aspirations for your career.


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