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Extra, Extra! Where to Read All About It

There was a time in the not-so-distant past when local, national and international news arrived via two daily publications, The Greenville News and The Greenville News Piedmont. These publications hit the newsstands in the morning and afternoon, respectively. We also stayed abreast of events through news broadcasts that aired at specific times, usually as viewers prepared for the work day and shortly after they arrived home in the evenings. All that changed in 1980 with the launch of Ted Turner’s 24-hour cable news, CNN. In the nearly four decades since, every news outlet, both print and broadcast, is as close as your cell phone.
News aggregation services and applications abound in the digital age. With the click of just a few buttons, readers have access to local, national and international news. Many sites are free, while others charge subscription or membership fees. Below are just a few examples of news aggregation services, most of which will enable you to tailor the news you see to your specific individual interests.
• Apple, Google and Microsoft all offer customizable news services that feature articles from a variety of news outlets. The stories published are selected based on factors such as relevance, reliability, newsworthiness, authority, originality, and readability.
• Flipboard is a magazine-style platform that allows readers to “flip” through more than 34,000 topics curated from a variety of sources including social networks, news publications, and blogs. Readers can create personal magazines based on their individual interests. The app also enables readers to share stories through email and social media.
• The Skimm is a free daily email newsletter that provides subscribers with a digest of quick reads written in a conversational format. Readers have access to short blurbs about current news with links to reputable news sources for more in depth reading.
• Inkl is an ad-free, click-bait free news aggregator that displays stories based on regional relevance based on the reader’s location. Coverage of news stories comes from diverse news sources, delivering multiple perspectives on current issues. It enables readers to bookmark stories for reading offline at a later date/time.
• Zinio’s focus is on digital magazines – offering access to more than 5,500 magazines. Readers have the option of paying for a monthly subscription or purchasing a single issue of highly reputable magazines such as The New Yorker, Better Homes & Gardens, The Economist, and The Hollywood Reporter.
Regardless of your interests, the digital age provides instant access to the latest news, fashion and home décor trends, travel destinations, entertainment news and more. So, the next time you find yourself standing in the DMV line or fidgeting in a physician’s waiting room, consider picking up a digital version of your favorite magazine, national news outlet or local newspaper.


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