Written by Smoak PR

Why the Smartest Leaders Host Corporate Events

HOW to execute the perfect corporate event is an easy question. Answer: Hire us. From conceptualization to execution, we’ll help you plan an agenda that will leave your attendees stunned and smiling. Whether it is a luncheon or a three-day conference, we have the tools to bring your organization together for a smooth and productive outing. The bigger question is WHY? Will such a short-term expense really benefit your company and employees in the long run? Is it better than free snacks in the break room? A day off? A bigger Christmas fruit cake? Yes. Yes, it is. Below, you will find three compelling reasons why your organization should take the leap and host a corporate event.

1. Increased Employee Engagement. Corporate events give employees the opportunity to relax and build relationships. Planning an event for your company shows employees you value and appreciate their efforts throughout the year. It can also give them the opportunity to learn new industry trends, break down barriers, meet people from other offices, as well as get to know company leaders they may not interact with on a daily basis. Although they spend a lot of time with one another during the work week, a different setting can help employees get to know each other in a different and more personal way. Building friendships outside the office tends to strengthen bonds inside the office, so a corporate event offers the perfect opportunity to engage and enliven employees.

2. The Reward of Recognition. Has your company grown, started a new program, or celebrated a recent milestone? Whatever it may be, corporate events are the ideal place to celebrate your organization’s successes and reveal exciting announcements. Organizations can use conferences to hold an awards ceremony recognizing employees that go above and beyond. They can also serve as an opportunity to invite local stakeholders or potential clients to join as you celebrate your success and plan for a strong future. Great companies recognize internal success and celebrate wins, big and small.

3. Barrier-Breaking Creativity. Corporate events are an effective way to bring all office locations together so employees can learn from one another, collaborate on new ideas, and network within the company. These large-scale events allow employees to bounce ideas off of one another, leading to an increase in company productivity. Many conferences incorporate a variety of team building exercises that bring staff together and require them to think outside of the box. While you may have an established brand, a corporate event solidifies your company’s mission and gives employees the opportunity to fully understand the important values and priorities of your organization. When your brand is refreshed in the minds of your people and they’re rubbing elbows with those outside their immediate department, it’s amazing how creative new solutions to old problems spring forth.

These are just a few reasons WHY you should host a corporate event. Give us a call to start planning. We’ll help you maximize the potential it can have for your company, whether it’s an event for your employees, clients or both. Let’s get started!