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Emojis in Marketing

Remember emoticons? Those little faces that you could type with just two or three keyboard characters? Since the early 2000s the way we communicate has changed from calls to text to live chats and FaceTime. Before the widely popular use of emojis, emoticons were infamous for communicating emotion via text.

Today, emojis are a large part of virtual communication. Through the reduced number of keyboard clicks, you can simply tap a variety of icons within your keyboard to convey a message and emotion. The emoji originated in Japan for use on Japanese cellphones. In 2008, they were discovered by Apple and became an official keyboard option within its software. Since that day, emojis have popularized into pop culture and online marketing efforts. In this blog, we will break down the advantages and challenges of emoji marketing:  


  • Enhance depth: Emojis have a way of adding depth and realism into the message that a brand wants to convey. The incorporation of imagery into text communicates tone on a deeper level. This enables content creators the ability to tap into a deeper realm of communication to touch human emotion and feeling.
  • Increase success in content shares: According to a study by WordStream, the use of emojis in marketing can increase twitter engagement by 25%, Facebook shares by 33%, and interactions on your post by 57%. These statistics back the fact that an emoji icon crafts a message to be more relatable and specific.
  • Humanize your brand: With emojis, creation of a more personal relationship with your audience is achievable. This is because the brand would essentially be speaking the every-day language of those reading this online engagement. They probably send that exact message to their friends over text or on social media, so why couldn’t your brand do it too?


  • Know your target audience: When using emojis in social media or email marketing efforts, there are a few aspects regarding message tone that by nature are less professional. To use emojis in marketing, it is critical to not only know, but understand who your target audience is. If the goal of your efforts is to engage with and reach a younger demographic or to be more personable and relatable, emojis are for you! If you desire to give industry insight, professional advice or remain formal, then emojis would not communicate the tone of your message effectively. 
  • Avoid overuse of emojis: The use of emojis is strong and increases engagement when used efficiently and effectively. The excessive use of emojis in marketing material distracts from the very message your brand is trying to communicate. For your message to not appear as spam or overwhelming to your target audience and viewers, carefully consider how the incorporation of emojis enhances your message. 
  • Select your message carefully: While the use of emojis to simplify and enhance a message may seem efficient, using less words in marketing efforts can also be harmful. A photograph or emoji can be interpreted in many ways, whereas a detailed message with text is specific and precise. The key to balancing this is by detailing your goals and objectives while also understanding the perceived effect of your marketing efforts. Tone and message quality is enhanced when text and emojis work together.

In conclusion, emojis have the potential to be incredibly helpful and effective in building your brand and creating a relationship with your target online audience, but it must be done in a precise and efficient manner. Make sure in doing so that you are mindful of the tone and possible interpretations of your message. While this trend is growing in popularity worldwide, it is important to make sure you are remaining intentional with how your brand communicates online!

Written by Smoak PR

Diamonds Direct Officially Opens April 17

America’s Fastest-Growing Jeweler and Diamond Importer to Open Just Minutes from Downtown Greenville

April 15, 2021 | Greenville, SC – Diamonds Direct, worldwide leader in diamond sourcing and consumer education, is opening their second South Carolina location at 1113 Woodruff Road on Saturday, April 17. The company offers an expansive selection of loose and mounted diamonds ranging in size from under a carat to over 10 carats. In addition, Diamonds Direct boasts a plethora of engagement ring mountings by America’s top designers, wedding bands, pendants, earrings, bracelets, pearls, colored gemstones, and fine fashion jewelry.

After an extensive market analysis, Diamonds Direct knew that Greenville would be an optimal fit with its ideal positioning between the flagship store in Charlotte, North Carolina and the original South Carolina store in Charleston. With Charlotte not being far from Greenville, the Diamonds Direct team had seen substantial following and brand loyalty from this market over the years and it only seemed fitting to expand the Diamonds Direct footprint into the Upstate. Diamonds Direct will offer Greenville customers a unique and educational approach, from skilled experts, who assist in choosing the right diamond for their budget and special occasion, to a personalized, one-of-a-kind in store experience.

“We believe this expansion into Greenville is a great opportunity and we are eager to begin serving new clientele that will hopefully turn into long-term, loyal customers,” said Igor Zak, General Manager, Diamonds Direct. “During this past year, we have faced many challenges, but more importantly, we have discovered that there is always a reason to celebrate and cherish the ones you love. Our goal at Diamonds Direct is to always be of service and help our customers celebrate both the little and big moments of life.”

Diamonds Direct, founded in 1995, is part of a generations-old tradition of eliminating the middlemen and sourcing direct from the world’s best mines and most reputable diamond cutters. By maintaining involvement in the entire lifecycle of a diamond, Diamonds Direct ensures quality diamonds are handpicked for their retail locations across the United States at the very best prices. Diamonds Direct’s signature approach is designed to provide tremendous value for the consumer.

“With the ongoing positive growth that Greenville has experienced over the past few years, Diamonds Direct knew that this would be the optimal place for our second location in South Carolina,” said Greenville Vice President Lynn Tu. “We look forward to serving this market and providing quality, one-of-a-kind products and services to all we encounter through this new venture.”

Compared to other market competitors, Diamonds Direct provides industry-leading guarantees and warranties. In addition, Diamonds Direct delivers the highest level of customer service, even after the sale and has unrivaled and complimentary after the sale services, including jewelry maintenance, cleaning, sizing and complimentary lifetime upgrade on engagement rings. Lastly, Diamonds Direct’s lifetime upgrade allows customers to trade their diamond for a different size, quality, or shape – and receive 110% of the original purchase price towards a new purchase.


Diamonds Direct, founded in 1995, is a direct-to-consumer destination retailer headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. Their vertically integrated concept allows the retailer to cut out the middlemen and maintain involvement in the entire diamond process. Today, Diamonds Direct is one of America’s largest and most successful jewelry companies. Diamonds Direct backs their products with industry-leading guarantees and warranties, including their signature 110 percent lifetime upgrade. Diamonds Direct is a socially-responsible company that thinks globally and acts locally. The company ensures all diamonds are ethically sourced via the Kimberley Process and is responsible for hundreds of thousands of dollars raised for local philanthropies and cultural organizations that are critical to the communities Diamonds Direct calls home.

For more information visit www.DiamondsDirect.com.

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Spinx Launches Highly Anticipated New Spinx Mobile App

GREENVILLE, SC – April 12, 2021 – Greenville-based fuel and convenience retail company The Spinx Company is thrilled to announce the launch of its brand new Spinx mobile app. The new Spinx app is available for download via the Apple App Store and Google Play. Previously downloaded versions of the app should update automatically.

By downloading the app and creating an account, all customers will receive a one-time offer of 25¢ off per gallon on their next Spinx fill up at the pump.

“We are always looking for ways to improve the customer experience,” says Stewart Spinks, Founder and Chairman of The Spinx Company. “This app launch will ensure that every stop at Spinx is more convenient, enjoyable, and rewarding than the last, so that we can continue Making Life Easier for our loyal customers across the state.”

The following features will now be available through the app:

  • Pay in store or at the pump with Xtras Pay or Mobile Wallet (Google Pay, Apple Pay).
  • Earn and redeem fuel rewards through Spinx Xtras.
  • Exclusive deals and offers just for app customers.
  • Interactive store locator.
  • Help Center (FAQ, contact customer service).

In addition to the one-time 25¢ off per gallon discount, the new app provides opportunities for exclusive offers and club memberships including: the Cluk Club, where customers can buy 6 chicken items and get the 7th free, as well as the new Drinx Club, where customers can buy 6 beverages (hot or iced) and get the 7th free.

After downloading the app, customers will be prompted to create a Spinx Xtras account, and will gain full access to the app’s exciting features upon successful login. Physical Xtras cardholders can also access these offers by creating an account at www.spinxxtras.com.

ABOUT SPINX – Founded in 1972 in Greenville, S.C., The Spinx Company operates 84 convenience retail stores throughout South Carolina, and with approximately 1,400 employees, it is the largest privately-held retailer headquartered in the state. Spinx is committed to making life easier by fulfilling people’s everyday needs with fresh, on-the-go food, beverages and other convenience products delivered in a safe, clean and friendly environment. Through the Spinx Xtras Loyalty program and the Spinx mobile app, the company offers its loyal customers savings on fuel and special promotions.

For more information about Spinx or the Spinx Xtras program, visit the company’s website at www.spinx.com.

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Book Launch & Signing Will Take Place to Celebrate John Sterling’s New Book, Sales for Noobs

Special Event to be Hosted on April 15th Celebrating the Release of Upstate Business Leader’s Book

April 8, 2021 | Greenville, SC – Upstate native and sales expert, John Sterling, is excited to officially announce the release of his book, Sales for Noobs: Everything Sales Rookies Need to Know to Crush Quota, Get Promoted, and Kick A$$A book launch and signing will be held at The Lazy Goat on Thursday, April 15th from 5:00 to 7:00 pm. This event is open to the public and books will be available for purchase and author signing onsite.

As a sales trainer, manager, and serial entrepreneur, John is known for mentoring sales reps with zero business experience, so they become high-six- and seven-figure salespeople. John helped build software startup DataStream into a publicly traded company that sold to Infor for over $200 million. As Vice President of Sales, John and his team managed acquisitions in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Argentina, Singapore, and Australia, becoming the biggest technology company in South Carolina. During that time, John hired and trained over 150 sales reps, sixty of whom are now business owners, CEOs, or Sales VPs. Currently, John is owner of and investor in technology companies in the Southern United States and consults with business owners and their sales teams to crush quota.

“Throughout my career, I have always enjoyed being a mentor to help new salespeople take the time to pick the best sales job for them and get started in the right way,” said, John Sterling, Author of Sales for Noobs. “This book was written specifically to give essential advice to everyone considering a sales career so they can get started like a rocket ship versus “limping in” to the sales arena.”

In Sales for Noobs: Everything Sale Rookies Need to Know to Crush Quota, Get Promoted, and Kick A$$, John shares the essential advice every sales “noob” or newbie needs to know to make sales a rewarding profession. Whether someone is going into sales right out of school, pivoting from another industry, or getting back into the workforce, Sales for Noobs teaches readers a proven process to build a profitable career they can enjoy.

Sales for Noobs: Everything Sale Rookies Need to Know to Crush Quota, Get Promoted, and Kick A$$, is available for online purchase directly through Amazon.

ABOUT SALES FOR NOOBS | John Sterling is the world’s foremost expert in transforming sales noobs into seasoned pros. As a sales trainer, manager, and serial entrepreneur, John is known for mentoring sales reps with zero business experience, so they become high six and seven figure salespeople. Take your sales team from noobs to pros at www.SalesTrainingforNoobs.com.