Written by Smoak PR

Meet our Fall Interns

Smoak PR is delighted to have three interns assisting us this fall: Kaylee Coleman, May Harrelson, and Meredith Turner. As each student is aiming to enter into the Public Relations and Communications industry, Smoak PR is excited for the opportunity to help grow their knowledge in the field and sharpen their skillsets. We are excited to introduce each intern below and highlight their goals during their time with us.

Kaylee Coleman:

My name is Kaylee Coleman. I am a senior student-athlete at Furman University, majoring in Communication Studies with a focus on Mass Media while also competing in Division I lacrosse. The field of public relations is highly interesting to me because I thrive off of connecting with people, engaging and growing businesses through social media, and bringing a brand’s story to life. Personally, I am an outgoing person who lives by the term ‘grit’ which, in short, is described as passion and perseverance for long-term and/or meaningful goals. In this field, and in life, this trait is extremely important to me due to the fact that I enjoy finding ways to accomplish tasks when others believe there is no way. Helping others in ways they never thought possible. As a Division I Athlete, I have had to acquire many skill sets including: adaptability, time management, leadership, commitment, and working with a team. These skills have helped me flourish in many settings throughout life but most importantly in internships. I am excited and honored to be part of Smoak PR’s internship team this Fall. Learning and growing in this fast-paced and ever-changing field from leaders in the industry will substantially prepare me for a career post-graduation. I cannot wait to hone in what I have learned through my studies at Furman while also picking up a few more elements that I will learn from Smoak.

May Harrelson:

My name is May Harrelson, and I am a recent graduate of Clemson University where my major was Political Science. I am currently getting my Master’s in Mass Communication from the University of South Carolina. I believe that the ability to partake in purposeful communication and create meaningful messages are important skills to have not only working in PR, but all other fields as well. I am interested in pursuing a career in the communications field because of the diverse and the vast opportunities that are available. I enjoy the fast-paced environment of Public Relations, and how each action we do on behalf of clients is able to make an impact on the public and the overall perception of the organization or company. Since my undergraduate course work was not in the communications field, this internship has been an extremely valuable experience where I have been able to learn about this industry, while simultaneously completing my masters course work that is related to the work I do at Smoak. This fall I am excited to gain experience in event planning and social media, refine my skills, and connect with those in the Greenville community, all of which will aid me in my future career.

Meredith Turner:

My name is Meredith Turner and I am 2021 Graduate of Wofford College where I studied History and Business. I am currently pursuing my Masters of Science in Marketing, with a concentration in Project Management at Liberty University. As a Greenville native, the internship at Smoak PR interested me because I am passionate about the Upstate area and helping local businesses communicate their messages. Having the opportunity to aid in developing strategies to connect businesses with the local community is incredibly valuable. The field of public relations is intriguing to me because it combines three of my personal strengths: communication, marketing, and relationship building. I aim to connect my experiences in event planning, strategic communication, and social media with my love for people and creativity. The always changing nature of public relations is appealing to me as I thrive in an active, stimulating environment. I am hopeful that through my time at Smoak PR I will sharpen the skills I attained at Wofford, learn more about the marketing and communication world, and gain insight into how my strengths and experiences can translate into my career. I am excited to have hands on experience with Smoak PR this fall!

Though we all stem from different backgrounds, we aim to put our wealth of knowledge together in order to help each other grow throughout our internship experience. We are not only excited, but passionate about having the opportunity to grow our minds and sharpen our skills from Smoak PR’s experienced and inspiring team!

Written by Smoak PR

Now Hiring: Office Manager

Smoak Public Relations, a culture focused public relations firm, is seeking a part-time office manager for 20 hours per week.  The ideal candidate has a positive attitude, a friendly personality and is a team player. This person will demonstrate energy, accountability and a willingness to help others.  This individual will also have the natural ability to develop relationships with clients and vendors.

The candidate would fit well in the above-outlined environment and be well-organized, attentive to detail and able to manage a varied list of tasks efficiently.


  • Proficiency in QuickBooks and Microsoft Excel
  • Preparation of invoices
  • Preparation of payroll taxes and insurance information
  • Preparation of financial statements on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis
  • Management of all accounts receivable and payables, collections, monthly billing 
  • Managing bank account and deposits
  • Negotiating, reviewing and managing all insurance policies
  • Managing all health benefits
  • Managing personnel folders and confidential materials 
  • Supporting team as needed for projects
  • Coordination of proposals and contracts
  • Manage and work with IT vendor
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Previous office management experience preferred
  • College degree and minimum 2 years’ experience