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As We Reflect on Our Summer Intern Experience…

As our summer internship at Smoak Public Relations comes to an end, we are thrilled to share insight on the experiences we have gained and the things we have learned.  As we enter into a new chapter, we are confident that all we have learned will aid us in our future endeavors within the PR world and beyond.

  • Research
  • Teamwork
  • Writing
  • Designing/Creativity

Research is an important part of the PR industry.   It’s valuable to see the whole process from the beginning stages of research to how specific information is utilized.  From creating databases to studying social media analytics, we realize the importance of accurate, comprehensive research from start to finish.

Our ability to work as a team has been a huge aspect of our internship.  Forming strong relationships with coworkers and clients is crucial in public relations.  By collaborating with the other interns on projects throughout our internship, we learned the true importance of teamwork.

Writing included drafting press releases, social media captions, and blogs which all use distinctive verbiage and strategy. We would have never considered how much attention goes into the voice we are putting into the world.  We will be able to apply the writing skills we learned as we go into our next opportunities and prepare for our careers.

Last, but not least, the design freedom and creativity that Smoak provides their interns with is something that makes this experience incredibly special.  Over the course of the semester, we have been able to show our authentic selves and what we are capable of when given the opportunity to take ownership of a project and ultimately excel.

Our summer internship at Smoak PR is something we have found to be genuinely rewarding. The exposure will prove to be instrumental with pursuing a career within the industry.  We encourage anyone interested in pursuing a career in Public Relations to apply.


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