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Fall 2020 Intern Blog

As students interested in the communication and public relations field, we are thrilled to be interning with Smoak PR this fall. While the COVID-19 pandemic is keeping us from interning in the office for the majority of the semester, we have already started communicating remotely with each other as well as the Smoak team. This uncertain time is giving us a new perspective on public relations and we look forward to collaborating more and helping each other as fellow interns. 

My name is Madison Drake, and I’m a senior at Furman University majoring in psychology. I chose to pursue a career in Public Relations and Communications when I realized I wanted to combine my analytical mind with my creative side. Thankfully, there is still psychology in every aspect of public relations. At Smoak PR, I am eager to improve my knowledge of public relations and marketing strategy. I also hope to gain experience in the virtual event planning field, as I believe that virtual events have already begun catching popularity during the pandemic.  

My name is Madison Garrett, and as a senior at Furman University majoring in Communications and English, it comes as no surprise to learn my interests involve being creative and writing. I have always had a creative side I liked to explore. Once in college, I decided I would combine my two interests, which ultimately led to my chosen majors. Through this, I have realized I enjoy helping tell other’s stories in the most effective and efficient way possible. This desire of mine has driven my goal for a career in public relations. Therefore, I am very grateful for this opportunity to intern with Smoak PR. I am excited to gain invaluable PR knowledge, and further my skills regarding media management and strategy.  

My name is Abbigail Yates, and I am a Communications major minoring in Public Relations at the University of South Carolina Upstate. As a sophomore, I know that I have a lot of valuable lessons to learn about the public relations field and I am very excited and thankful to gain hands-on experience. Being a student at heart, I truly love to learn new skills and I value any experience that I can gain, especially when it comes to communications and mass media. I plan to use my experience and knowledge to pursue a career in the field of non-profit organizations so that I can work to better the community around me.  At Smoak PR, I look forward to learning how to make local connections and putting my love for research and writing to good use. 

While this semester’s virtual (and hopefully in-person) internship experience might look a little different, we are all so excited to get a glimpse into the field of public relations. We plan to collaborate and take ownership of many tasks and experiences Smoak PR provides for us.  


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