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How to Constantly Stay in front of the Media

News is occurring around the clock. So, in this industry how do you ensure that you stay ahead of the media and not fall behind? You’re going to need to stand out among the multitude of other newsworthy items trying to win the spotlight. To do this, you will want to capture the reporter’s attention, whether it’s through creative storyline pitches, personal correspondence or most importantly, following up. To stay at the top within this industry, you need to constantly strive to maintain relationships with reporters, stay current with the happenings around you and always be one step ahead.

  • Be Aware of the News Cycle
    • Follow the news cycle and understand what is being discussed within the market. It is critical to know the hot topics in your client’s industry and keep track of the reporters consistently covering them. This allows you to always be prepared for questions that may arise and actively participate in conversation with your clients.
  • Pitch Creatively
    • Always think outside of the box when you are developing a pitch. Reporters are constantly receiving information, so it is important to figure out what makes your pitch stand out in their inbox. Personalize your message and make the subject line exciting! Bullet points are highly recommended, so reporters can quickly grab the important information without having to search through multiple paragraphs. Ask yourself; what are they getting out of covering this topic?
  • Connect with Reporters
    • It’s all about who you know. This phrase is relevant in just about every aspect of life. In this industry, it is important to know the go-to reporters and maintain steady relationships with them. The more reporters you know and have made a personal relationship with, the better your chance at receiving coverage. Reporters do not want to be sent a mass email chain. If you are not receiving coverage, invite them out for coffee or lunch. Making a personal touch can be a difference maker.

Following the above steps should ultimately maximize your chance for media coverage. In Public Relations, it is crucial to always be one step ahead and aware of what is going on around you. Know the movers and shakers, make lasting relationships with reporters and stay current. These few things can make a huge difference in your Public Relations career.


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