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How to Position Yourself as an Industry Expert

An industry expert is defined as the go-to company within a respective field or industry. It is as simple as being top of mind for people in various roles throughout your surrounding community. Whether it is a yard maintenance company or a bank, when someone needs expert advice or help with something that falls in your line of work, the first thing that comes to their mind should be YOU.

A common question companies find themselves asking is, “What sets us apart from our competitors?” When you cannot answer this question clearly, it may be time to sit down and analyze how your product or service offerings differentiate from others.  This is not an easy task, and often times companies feel more comfortable hiring a third-party public relations firm to help establish market authority and increase brand awareness. Below are a few tips on how to position yourself as the expert within your industry.

  1. Stay Current – With an overload of information and accessibility in the digital world, it is critical to stay one step ahead and position yourself as a thought leader. Blog writing is an easy way to stay in front of others and provide insight and expertise on what you do best. Another excellent way to maintain recognition is to leverage editorial opportunities within your local media outlets. Offer your expertise to reporters and introduce yourself so that if they need a go-to expert within your industry, they can easily contact you for coverage.
  2.  Differentiate Yourself from Others – It is important to know what makes your company unique and how you can continue to stand out in a crowded room. Make sure to have a brand positioning statement or tagline that you can pull out of your back pocket at all times. For example, “We believe that every business has a story to tell, but we do more than just tell it,” is going to impress others more than simply saying, “We are a local public relations firm that helps tell your story.” Shine light on your work and do not be ashamed to “toot your own horn.”
  3. Maintain a Consistent Brand – Identify your voice and speak it consistently through everything you do! Whether it is a blog post, Instagram story, or public speaking opportunity, always stay consistent with your established brand. Some companies are very casual while others are formal, whatever your style is, remain consistent through all outlets. Whether it is on social media pages or your website, transition your branding across all platforms to become more recognizable as a company.
  4. Showcase Your Experience – People are always eager to hear real life experiences and are more likely to trust you when hearing relatable stories. An expert is ultimately built through experiences, so young or old, always showcase your personal experiences when talking to your clients and others. Even if you have only been in the business for a few years, be sure to share relevant experiences when pitching your services to someone who is not familiar with you.

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