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Intern Blog: What We Look Forward to Most During Our Time at Smoak PR

As rising juniors and seniors in college, we are ecstatic to intern with Smoak PR this summer.  Each of us have a strong interest in the communications sector, and we are eager to put all that we have learned in the classroom into practice, as well as gain invaluable knowledge that we will carry forever. The current set of circumstances under which we are living have proven to be unique and challenging. Conversely, it has provided us with a rare opportunity to generate new ideas and gain real-world experience, navigating working in an industry that thrives off of in-person communication and events. Looking ahead to this summer, here are a few things that each of us are looking forward to about interning at Smoak:

My name is Emily Gallman and I am a Winston-Salem, NC native. I am looking forward to getting true hands-on experience in the workforce. As a rising senior at Clemson University, my studies focus on Marketing and Brand Communications. While brand communications has given me a small glimpse into the advertising and public relations world, I truly believe that my experience this summer will far surpass the knowledge I can gain within the four walls of a classroom. Throughout the summer, my hopes are to develop and strengthen tools like writing, strategizing while deepening my creativity. I also want to explore career paths that incorporate event planning and social media management, so I am at the perfect place.  I am so excited to spend the next few months at Smoak PR and cannot wait to reflect on the skills I gain throughout the summer!

My name is Meg Einstein and I am studying Communication Studies and Advertising at the University of Alabama. I was born and raised in Greenville and plan on moving back after I graduate. During my time at Smoak PR, I am really looking forward to developing and sharpening skills such as writing, creative thinking, and developing relationships with people in and out of the office. There is only so much about PR that you can learn in a classroom, and I am excited to get some hands-on, real world experience in a field that is constantly evolving.

My name is Kate Childs and as a rising senior and Communications major, I am thrilled to spend my summer interning with Smoak PR. Greenville has become one of my favorite cities over the past three years during my time at Furman University. As a place that is rapidly expanding and growing, it serves as an ideal location for gaining hands-on experience in public relations. I am also a politics and international affairs major, therefore much of my passion lies in the overlap between public relations and politics. As such, I am looking forward to gaining experience working on political campaigns, and as a result refining my writing, branding, and rhetorical skills. Additionally, I am excited to gain experience working at a PR firm, learning about what a job in public relations entails on a daily basis, as well as getting to know everyone in the office. Finally, interpersonal relationships are deeply important to me, and an integral part of a career in public relations. I am so excited to form new relationships with co-workers, clients, and others and build on those relationships in years to come.

My name is Breya Moss and I am a Greenwood, SC native. I am currently studying Communications with a focus in Public Relations and a minor in Marketing at Coastal Carolina University. As a rising junior, I am looking forward to gaining real world experience in the PR field. I look forward to developing professional relationships and gaining hands-on experience during my time at Smoak PR. I am interested in pursuing career paths in social media management and community relations, so I am excited to dig deeper and learn more about how these sectors work together. During my time at Smoak PR, I hope to find my passion in the PR field and am excited to grow and learn more about all that comes with PR.\

This summer carries the potential for endless opportunities for growth and creativity. We are going to put all of our efforts into this internship and cannot wait to experience interning at Smoak PR!


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