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Internship Reflection

As the fall semester comes to a close, we are reflecting upon what we have learned during our time at Smoak. We are all very thankful for the experiences we have gained, despite any setbacks that may have occurred due to the pandemic. During these unprecedented times, we have learned how to adapt to working remotely both academically and professionally, and we would like to thank everyone at Smoak PR for the opportunities we have been presented to learn about and work in a PR environment.

Madison G:

As I reflect on my time spent at Smoak PR, I have nothing but wonderful thoughts and memories. I remember starting as a doe eyed senior who thought a job in PR was nothing but glamorous. Now, having been an intern for the semester I can confidently say I was not too far off with my original thought. It is just a different meaning of the word glamorous. The glamour is the smiles and joy you get to witness with your clients when you have been successful in your public relation efforts. This internship experience was like none other before due to Coronavirus. I was not allowed to go into the office, except the occasional days where I had to complete a delivery task. During my internship, I was entrusted to write press releases, draft mood boards, create social content, execute deliveries, and model for a client. Beyond these tasks, we were given the responsibility of preparing and leading weekly meetings. As I look forward to my future, I feel reassured in the fact that Smoak PR has prepared me well with the foundations needed for a career in public relations after graduation in May. For this, I am eternally grateful for their wonderful team who taught me so well.


This semester at Smoak was my first ever internship, so I was not quite sure what to expect at first. Over the semester, I learned about the specific types of clients that one could work with in the public relations field, such as political candidates, small businesses, and nonprofit organizations. I have always enjoyed writing, so I definitely loved drafting press releases, newsletters, and blogs for different clients- but my favorite projects aside from that include creating Instagram Reels for Smoak, putting together mood boards for interior design, and drafting social media captions. I learned how to adapt to certain tones and verbiage when creating content for different clients. I also learned how to collaborate with others along with how to take the lead in meetings and tasks. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, both my internship and my classes were virtual this semester, so another thing I am taking from this internship is the importance of time management and meeting deadlines. I am very grateful for the opportunity to gain valuable experience with Smoak and I will definitely put my new experiences and skills to good use.

Madison D:

At the start of the semester, I knew that my internship with Smoak would be unlike any internship I have done before. With the internship mostly remote, I knew I would need to get myself organized and focused to intern from a distance. I was not expecting to be able to do all the tasks and skills I had expected before interning, but the team at Smoak made this experience incredible and I checked all the boxes on my list of must-do tasks during an internship. We had weekly remote meetings that made me feel like I was part of the team. Each week different Smoak employees checked in on us making sure we were checking off our boxes and getting the experience we hoped for. I also am able to articulate for future employers that I assisted with many virtual tasks in the PR field, such as virtual events, virtual meetings, and overall virtual communication. I am thankful for this experience, especially during this pandemic! 

We all had a very successful internship experience this fall with Smoak PR. This semester presented a set of new challenges for all, however, we all learned how to make the most of the situation in a way that proved beneficial to us as interns and to the team at Smoak. It was a unique time to say the least, but now we are prepared to handle the new normal of virtual meetings, virtual events, and communicating with others with the use of technology. We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to the women at Smoak PR for making the best out of a hard time.


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