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Navigating Fundraising for Political Campaigns

Navigating the political world when it comes to fundraisers can be tricky. When working on behalf of a candidate, it is of utmost importance to know their positions on the issues when asking for financial contributions.

  1. Determine your goals and set strategies with your candidate

Make it a priority to set goals with your candidate and decide how frequently you should meet. As a true extension of your candidate, you must work together to determine how much you must raise in order to run a successful campaign. Set consistent meetings to refine the campaign strategy and expectations.

  1. Organize your lists and gather correct contact information

Your list is the key to a successful political fundraiser. Making calls and sending personalized emails takes a great deal of time, so you should prioritize compiling your contacts to ensure you maximize reach. This is where a small team completing research can make this effort more effective, keeping in mind that your candidate will want to connect to prospective donors in addition to maintaining their relationships with previous supporters.

  1. Reach out to potential host committee sponsors the moment a date is set

First and foremost, set the date for your fundraiser. This will give you time to reach out to potential donors and provide the candidate the opportunity to get ahead of filing their quarterly report. At this event, supporters old and new will be able to hear the candidate’s position and offer additional funds.

  1. Personalize communication

Know your candidate’s platform! It is wise to personalize phone calls to each and every prospective donor, beginning with those who have been supportive of your candidate in the past. When you speak knowledgeably on your candidate’s positioning and express gratitude for potential supporter’s interest, you stand to raise more donations and strengthen your client’s campaign and event attendance.

The steps above are meant to serve as a starting point for a political fundraiser, keeping in mind that a lot goes into supporting a successful campaign. Dedicating time, developing a deep understanding of your candidate’s platform and getting creative will set your candidate above the rest.


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