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PR During a Crisis

Utilizing media to distribute information is critical during a crisis. As a PR agency, if we’ve learned anything during the recent COVID-19 pandemic, it is that communities rely on receiving information and important updates from the media outlets they trust. Similar to how consumers rely on trustworthy news, it is crucial to share your company news and updates to ultimately benefit your brand during this unique time. Below are a few reasons why PR is beneficial for your company during a crisis.

  1. You are able to position yourself as a thought leader – When unfortunate circumstances occur in business, it may be important for you to right the wrong, or set the record straight to inform the community at large with honesty and transparency.  Sharing your story with the local media allows you to become the primary source of information that an audience receives. It can also be very beneficial to leverage your company’s profile through positive news, during a negative time. If you are able to give back to the community or donate your services after a crisis, it helps provide a renewed sense of reassurance in your brand and your ability to lead. This positions your company as a leader on the topic at hand, and therefore positions you for success in the future.
  1. You are able to control your message – By crafting and distributing a statement, providing an interview to the local media, or writing an Op-ed in your major daily, you are able to control your message. By serving as the official source of the information being shared publicly, you essentially eliminate or de-bunk any false information that may be circulating within the market. Communities like to hear directly from the source of the crisis and using the media to share your information directly is the most effective way to set you on a path towards normalcy once the dust has settled, post crisis.
  1. You are able to build trust among your community, peers, partners, etc. – By utilizing the media to share important information that the community would find beneficial, you are able to build trust. Whether it is trust that may have been lost due to the recent crisis, or the community simply needs reassurance, sharing your information on a platform like the local 5 o’clock news or in the community’s primary business publication, allows you to establish your footing and regain trust. Depending on the severity of the crisis, this can be very beneficial for the short term, as well as the future moving forward. Once the information is published, you are also able to utilize that coverage as your own to re-post, share and distribute across your own channels so that your database or followers are hearing the important information through another medium. 
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Attorney Thomas G. Sinclair Joins Merline & Meacham, P.A.

GREENVILLE S.C. – January 11, 2021 – Merline & Meacham, P.A. is pleased to announce that attorney Thomas G. Sinclair has joined the firm.  Thomas practices in the areas of taxation, estate planning, trusts and estates, probate, employee benefits, pension and profit-sharing plans, partnership, limited liability company and corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, and non-profit and tax-exempt organization law.  He is a certified specialist in the fields of both Taxation Law and Estate Planning and Probate Law by the Supreme Court of South Carolina.  Thomas is a Fellow of the American College of Trust and Estate Counsel (ACTEC).  

He is listed in The Best Lawyers in America in the fields of Business Organizations (including LLCs and Partnerships), Closely Held Companies and Family Business Law (Lawyer of the Year 2021 in Greenville, South Carolina), Employee Benefits (ERISA) Law, Mergers and Acquisitions Law, Nonprofit/Charities Law, Tax Law, and Trust and Estates.  He is also listed in Legal Elite of the Upstate in Greenville Business Magazine.  

Thomas earned his Master in Taxation Law Degree (LL.M.) from the New York University School of Law and his Juris Doctor Degree, cum laude, from the University of South Carolina School of Law.  Thomas is a member of the Greenville County Bar Association, the South Carolina Bar, the Greenville Estate Planning Council (President, 2014-2015) and the Greenville Estate Planning Study Group.

About Merline and Meacham: Merline & Meacham, P.A. was founded in 1970 in Greenville, South Carolina. The firm’s practice concentrates on tax, estate planning, trusts and estates, corporate and business transactional law. For more information, please visit the Merline & Meacham website at https://www.merlineandmeacham.com

Home | Attorneys at Law | Law Firm – Business Law | Tax LawGreenville Office. 812 East North Street, Greenville, SC 29601. Phone: 864.242.4080. Fax: 864.242.5758. Columbia Office. 723 Laurel Street Columbia, SC 29201www.merlineandmeacham.com
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Spinx Celebrates Store #341 Opening in Charleston

New store featuring tunnel car wash and full kitchen opens on Highway 41 at Clements Ferry Rd.

Greenville, S.C. – Dec. 15, 2020 – The Spinx Company, the Greenville-based fuel and convenience retail company with more than 80 locations and 50 car washes statewide, recently celebrated the opening of the Spinx #341 store in Charleston. Located at 2627 Highway 41, the new store features a Ride ‘N Shine Tunnel Wash and a full-service kitchen.

“We are thrilled to celebrate the opening of another Spinx store in the Lowcountry. This location will provide our customers with a world class tunnel wash, a full-service kitchen, and of course, all of our other Spinx amenities to make the lives of this community that much easier,” stated Stewart Spinks, founder of Spinx. “We look forward to welcoming the community through these doors, as well as celebrate with some exciting special offers for a limited time.”

As part of the grand opening, a variety of in-store specials will be available for a limited time:

  • Soft Serve Ice Cream Cones – 50¢
  • 16 oz. Frozen Coffee, Smoothies and Shakes – $1.50
  • Legendary Chicken Biscuit – $1.99
  • 2 Tenders/2 Wedges – $2.49

The new store provides another convenient location for the community to fill their gas tanks and enjoy Spinx’s legendary fried chicken, breakfast biscuits and chicken sandwiches served fresh all day. Also, at this location, Spinx is serving made-to-order milkshakes, smoothies and soft serve ice cream in addition to its wide offering of ice-cold fountain drinks, lemonade, iced tea, slushies and the popular “chewy ice.” Hot beverages, including bean-to-cup fresh coffee will also be available for purchase.

Learn more at www.SpinxCarWash.com or www.Spinx.com.

ABOUT SPINX – Founded in 1972 in Greenville, S.C., The Spinx Company operates 84 convenience retail stores throughout South Carolina, and with approximately 1,400 employees, it is the largest privately-held retailer headquartered in the state. Spinx is committed to making life easier by fulfilling people’s everyday needs with fresh, on-the-go food, beverages and other convenience products delivered in a safe, clean and friendly environment. Through the Spinx Xtras Loyalty program and the Spinx mobile app, the company offers its loyal customers savings on fuel and special promotions.

For more information about Spinx or the Spinx Xtras program, visit the company’s website at www.spinx.com. 

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Internship Reflection

As the fall semester comes to a close, we are reflecting upon what we have learned during our time at Smoak. We are all very thankful for the experiences we have gained, despite any setbacks that may have occurred due to the pandemic. During these unprecedented times, we have learned how to adapt to working remotely both academically and professionally, and we would like to thank everyone at Smoak PR for the opportunities we have been presented to learn about and work in a PR environment.

Madison G:

As I reflect on my time spent at Smoak PR, I have nothing but wonderful thoughts and memories. I remember starting as a doe eyed senior who thought a job in PR was nothing but glamorous. Now, having been an intern for the semester I can confidently say I was not too far off with my original thought. It is just a different meaning of the word glamorous. The glamour is the smiles and joy you get to witness with your clients when you have been successful in your public relation efforts. This internship experience was like none other before due to Coronavirus. I was not allowed to go into the office, except the occasional days where I had to complete a delivery task. During my internship, I was entrusted to write press releases, draft mood boards, create social content, execute deliveries, and model for a client. Beyond these tasks, we were given the responsibility of preparing and leading weekly meetings. As I look forward to my future, I feel reassured in the fact that Smoak PR has prepared me well with the foundations needed for a career in public relations after graduation in May. For this, I am eternally grateful for their wonderful team who taught me so well.


This semester at Smoak was my first ever internship, so I was not quite sure what to expect at first. Over the semester, I learned about the specific types of clients that one could work with in the public relations field, such as political candidates, small businesses, and nonprofit organizations. I have always enjoyed writing, so I definitely loved drafting press releases, newsletters, and blogs for different clients- but my favorite projects aside from that include creating Instagram Reels for Smoak, putting together mood boards for interior design, and drafting social media captions. I learned how to adapt to certain tones and verbiage when creating content for different clients. I also learned how to collaborate with others along with how to take the lead in meetings and tasks. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, both my internship and my classes were virtual this semester, so another thing I am taking from this internship is the importance of time management and meeting deadlines. I am very grateful for the opportunity to gain valuable experience with Smoak and I will definitely put my new experiences and skills to good use.

Madison D:

At the start of the semester, I knew that my internship with Smoak would be unlike any internship I have done before. With the internship mostly remote, I knew I would need to get myself organized and focused to intern from a distance. I was not expecting to be able to do all the tasks and skills I had expected before interning, but the team at Smoak made this experience incredible and I checked all the boxes on my list of must-do tasks during an internship. We had weekly remote meetings that made me feel like I was part of the team. Each week different Smoak employees checked in on us making sure we were checking off our boxes and getting the experience we hoped for. I also am able to articulate for future employers that I assisted with many virtual tasks in the PR field, such as virtual events, virtual meetings, and overall virtual communication. I am thankful for this experience, especially during this pandemic! 

We all had a very successful internship experience this fall with Smoak PR. This semester presented a set of new challenges for all, however, we all learned how to make the most of the situation in a way that proved beneficial to us as interns and to the team at Smoak. It was a unique time to say the least, but now we are prepared to handle the new normal of virtual meetings, virtual events, and communicating with others with the use of technology. We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to the women at Smoak PR for making the best out of a hard time.

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How to Make Virtual Events Unique and Interactive for All

In the midst of a worldwide pandemic, technology has proven to become everyone’s new best friend. Our typical in-person meetings, events and activities have completely shifted to rely on today’s advanced technology and virtual platforms to get the job done. Whether it is classrooms for students or celebrations to honor milestones in proper social distancing fashion, 2020 has proven to be a year where all of us, young and old, have pivoted to learn the ins and outs of remaining connected through a screen.

In the public relations industry, event management is a huge part of our typical year-round business and as we know, in-person events were non-existent this year. In a time where we had no idea what three months down the road would bring, we ultimately had to learn how to plan and manage events that were no longer in-person, but 100% virtual. Learning the nuances of virtual events definitely brought challenges, but our goal was attained in helping our clients stay connected with others, during a time when in-person connection was limited. One of the most important takeaways that we learned over the past nine months is to ensure your virtual event stands out by engaging and interacting with attendees before, during and after the event.

Below are some of the main components we have found to be helpful for planning virtual events in the age of COVID-19:

  1. Hosting PlatformThe format of a virtual event or meeting affects not only the attendees’ ability to interact, but also the general feel of the event itself. It is important to discuss the overall goals and objectives for your virtual event with your client prior to making the decision on which platform to utilize. For example, if you want to be sure attendees can interact and talk amongst each other, your best bet is Zoom Meetings. This is probably the most popular platform as it is user-friendly and boasts a variety of interactive features that allow people to virtually connect with one another. If your event is more informative and educational, Zoom Webinar is probably a better fit. This platform is more limiting with its interactive elements that may be a distraction and is intended for more formal, educational purposes. There are many other available platforms, so it is very important to determine what best fits your specific needs and choose the best “venue” based off of that.
  2. Audio Visual TeamWith virtual events being reliant on the performance of the hosting platform and other elements that are sometimes out of our control, it is critical to hire a professional audio visual (AV) team. This will ensure your event is seamless from start to finish. Most AV teams have the technology and equipment such as cameras, lighting and staging to make your event appear like a true production to all viewers. It is much different than setting up a Zoom call and having the backdrop be your living room. This allows you and your client to really make an impact with visual and audio elements that would not have been an option without your go-to AV team. Also, in the case of a technical glitch or emergency it is always nice to have a team at your side to combat any problems that may arise during the event.
  3. Interactive ElementsThe best way to keep an audience engaged during a virtual event is through direct interaction. You can set aside a specific amount of time for your gathering’s audience participation, or you can interact throughout. Some ways of creating opportunities for attendees to participate are through chats, polls, and Q&As. You can share discount codes, downloadable links to information regarding your event, or surveys to hear the attendees’ feedback, which can be extremely valuable for future events. Through live tweets and Instagram stories, you can promote your event and create external engagement as well. Maybe determine a few “surprise” elements that will be certain to keep attendees tuned in for the event duration such as concerts, videos, shout outs and more.
  4. Registrant and Sponsor Mailers – Another creative way to get people excited about your upcoming event is to send complimentary event swag in advance of the event date. For example, a package with items that viewers can use as they watch your event such as a snack, bottled beverage, nametag or custom sign. Anything that can make attendees feel like they are also a part of the event program will generate excitement and make this event stand out from others. If your event has sponsors, make them feel appreciated by sending them a VIP “Celebration in a Box” that can be enjoyed amongst the company. Mimosas, party hats, sweet treats and more, make it fun for everyone! Remember, hold your attendees accountable by sending them items that they can keep nearby to serve as a reminder. As the event host, you have to keep them on the hook because it is much easier to avoid hitting play than it is to not show up in-person.

Virtual events offer a unique experience for both the hosts and attendees. Before the world went digital, virtual events were on the incline due to budget and accessibility reasons. Now, in a more technologically advanced world, hosting virtual gatherings has been taken to the next level through interactive features and upgraded design. While online gatherings may seem like a necessity at the moment, they seem to also be the future of events, so it is a good idea to get a head start in virtual event planning as it becomes the new normal.

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Ten at The Top Announces Winners for their Regional Awards at Celebrating Upstate Unsung Heroes Virtual Event

Greenville, SC | November 19, 2020 – On Wednesday, November 18th, Ten at the Top [TATT] hosted the Celebrating Upstate Unsung Heroes Virtual Event in place of their annual Celebrating Successes Luncheon. While this event focused on honoring the many unsung heroes who have gone above and beyond for their communities during the COVID-19 pandemic, two of TATT’s traditional awards were also presented, The Burdette Leadership Award and The Welling Award for Regional Collaboration.

This event marked the fifth year that the Burdette Leadership Award has been given in recognition of Carol Burdette, the first female chair of Ten at the Top. The 2020 recipient of this award was Beth Padgett, who recently retired from serving as Executive Director of Compass of Carolina. This award is given to women who have stood out for their leadership and service across the Upstate, and Beth has demonstrated that through her volunteer work and career at Compass of Carolina, along with her current service as the District Governor for Rotary District 7750.

“Though we would have preferred to honor our award winners and Upstate Unsung Heroes during an event where everyone was in-person, it was great to be able to recognize deserving recipients with a virtual audience of 300+ watching,” said Dean Hybl, Executive Director of Ten at the Top.

The Welling Award for Regional Collaboration, named after Ten at the Top’s founding chairman, Irv Welling III, is awarded to individuals or organizations that embody the spirit of thinking and acting regionally. This year’s recipient was Michelin North America, for leading and fostering collaboration around the issue of mobility through their funding of the Upstate Mobility Alliance and support for the movement of people and goods across the Upstate. Mobility is critical to the mission of Michelin NA, which operates several facilities in the Upstate, and they have spent significant time, energy and resources championing this issue across the Upstate, country and globe.

To learn more about Ten at the Top as an organization, please visit www.tenatthetop.org


Comprised of public, private and civic leaders across the ten-county Upstate South Carolina Region, Ten at the Top was created to build regional trust and consensus through data-driven research and regular convening of leaders and citizens to address key issues facing the region. Ten at the Top works with regional partners to encourage quality growth and enhance the economic vitality, natural and cultural resources and quality of life for Upstate residents both today and as the region continues to grow. www.tenatthetop.org.

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Ten at The Top Announces 10 County Representatives for Celebrating Upstate Unsung Heroes Virtual Event

Greenville, SC | November 19, 2020 – On Wednesday, November 18th, Ten at the Top hosted the Celebrating Upstate Unsung Heroes Virtual Event in place of their annual Celebrating Successes Luncheon. This event focused on honoring the many individuals throughout the Upstate who have devoted their time and selflessly served their communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Over 130 nominees were recognized during the event as “Upstate Unsung Heroes.” You can read the full list on the Ten at the Top website.

One individual per county was selected to receive special recognition during the event. Below are the 10 county representatives that were present for this special presentation:

Abbeville: Ethan Cornick – Dreams with Open Arms, Volunteer

Anderson: David Baker – Anderson County, Emergency Services Director

Cherokee: Dr. Carol McFadden – Know(2) Neighborhood Association, Volunteer Director

Greenville: Marina Lewis – Mauldin High School, Social Worker

Greenwood: George McKinney – Greenwood County, Emergency Management Director

Laurens: Joey Avery – Laurens County, Emergency Management Director

Oconee: Vanessa Earle – Prisma Health, Community Health Worker

Pickens: Lesa Howard – 5 Point Church Food Pantry, Director

Spartanburg: Charlene Cheeks – Big Brothers, Big Sisters of the Upstate, CEO

Union: Shanna “Nikki” Burgess – SC Works Greater Upstate, Talent Development Specialist Supervisor

“To adapt to these unprecedented times, Ten at the Top felt it was necessary to change both the format and focus of this annual event. We decided to bring the upstate together by recognizing the hundreds of individuals who have remained committed to serving others amidst the many unfortunate circumstances this pandemic has brought our way,” said Dean Hybl, Executive Director of Ten at the Top.

“We hope that our event has not only shown great appreciation to these 132 nominees, but also highlighted the number of heroes we have living amongst us in the 10-county Upstate region that we encounter daily.”

To learn more about Ten at the Top as an organization, please visit www.tenatthetop.org


Comprised of public, private and civic leaders across the ten-county Upstate South Carolina Region, Ten at the Top was created to build regional trust and consensus through data-driven research and regular convening of leaders and citizens to address key issues facing the region. Ten at the Top works with regional partners to encourage quality growth and enhance the economic vitality, natural and cultural resources and quality of life for Upstate residents both today and as the region continues to grow. www.tenatthetop.org.

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Caldwell Constructors Hires Experienced New Team Member

GREENVILLE, S.C. – September 14, 2020 – Caldwell Constructors is proud to announce the addition of Ryan Cardell as Assistant Project Manager to their team. A U.S. Marine Corps veteran with impressive project management experience, Cardell will bring his knowledge and skillset to Caldwell Constructors while upholding the company’s core values of integrity, honesty, respect, service, and communication.

Ryan previously worked within the construction industry for 7 years, most recently serving as an Assistant Project Manager at Scorpio in Gainesville, Florida. Cardell has gained extensive experience with new construction, renovations, LEED projects and BIM coordination through managing projects at the University of Florida.

“We are excited to welcome Ryan, a very talented and experienced new member, to the Caldwell Constructors family,” says President of Caldwell Constructors, Gary Caldwell. “He will provide a valuable set of skills and will be an exceptional addition to our team. We are thrilled to have him on board!”

About Caldwell Constructors

Caldwell Constructors is a full-service construction company that focuses on building relationships and providing exceptional service to clients across the Upstate of South Carolina. Caldwell Constructors has extensive experience in commercial, industrial, institutional and medical market segments. Their approach to delivering projects with unwavering integrity, creative problem solving, and tireless work ethic has earned Caldwell Constructors an excellent reputation in the Upstate. For more information, please visit the Caldwell Constructors website at www.caldwellconstructors.com/.

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Fall 2020 Intern Blog

As students interested in the communication and public relations field, we are thrilled to be interning with Smoak PR this fall. While the COVID-19 pandemic is keeping us from interning in the office for the majority of the semester, we have already started communicating remotely with each other as well as the Smoak team. This uncertain time is giving us a new perspective on public relations and we look forward to collaborating more and helping each other as fellow interns. 

My name is Madison Drake, and I’m a senior at Furman University majoring in psychology. I chose to pursue a career in Public Relations and Communications when I realized I wanted to combine my analytical mind with my creative side. Thankfully, there is still psychology in every aspect of public relations. At Smoak PR, I am eager to improve my knowledge of public relations and marketing strategy. I also hope to gain experience in the virtual event planning field, as I believe that virtual events have already begun catching popularity during the pandemic.  

My name is Madison Garrett, and as a senior at Furman University majoring in Communications and English, it comes as no surprise to learn my interests involve being creative and writing. I have always had a creative side I liked to explore. Once in college, I decided I would combine my two interests, which ultimately led to my chosen majors. Through this, I have realized I enjoy helping tell other’s stories in the most effective and efficient way possible. This desire of mine has driven my goal for a career in public relations. Therefore, I am very grateful for this opportunity to intern with Smoak PR. I am excited to gain invaluable PR knowledge, and further my skills regarding media management and strategy.  

My name is Abbigail Yates, and I am a Communications major minoring in Public Relations at the University of South Carolina Upstate. As a sophomore, I know that I have a lot of valuable lessons to learn about the public relations field and I am very excited and thankful to gain hands-on experience. Being a student at heart, I truly love to learn new skills and I value any experience that I can gain, especially when it comes to communications and mass media. I plan to use my experience and knowledge to pursue a career in the field of non-profit organizations so that I can work to better the community around me.  At Smoak PR, I look forward to learning how to make local connections and putting my love for research and writing to good use. 

While this semester’s virtual (and hopefully in-person) internship experience might look a little different, we are all so excited to get a glimpse into the field of public relations. We plan to collaborate and take ownership of many tasks and experiences Smoak PR provides for us.  

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Summer Internship Reflection

As the summer comes to a close, we have individually taken the time to reflect on our experience as interns at Smoak PR. Collectively, we have not only gained unique hands-on experience in the workforce, but have fostered relationships among each other and our new mentors that will carry us through our future career paths. As a group, we want to publicly thank the ladies of Smoak PR for investing in us and teaching us more than we could have imagined in just a few short months. Here is what each of us personally have reflected on:

Meg Einstein, University of Alabama:

During my time at Smoak PR, especially given the obscure circumstances in relation to COVID-19, I learned more about the public relations industry than I could have ever expected. Not only did I learn about a constantly evolving industry, but I also learned a lot about myself. While we were only in the office for a little over one week, I learned that working in person with a team full of impactful and driven people pushed me to do my absolute best. Interpersonal relationships are a standard in public relations and being surrounded by professionals in the industry and building those relationships with both the ladies at Smoak PR and with clients was an experience I could never get in a classroom. When it comes to what exactly I’ve learned during this internship, the main thing that comes to mind is that time management and self-motivation are everything. While as a student I have taken a few online classes, working from home is a completely different ballgame. It takes a lot of self- discipline and motivation to get done what is expected, and even more so to go above and beyond. I’ve never appreciated a working atmosphere more, and I can’t wait to utilize what I’ve learned during my time at Smoak PR and apply it to the working world.

Kate Childs, Furman University:

My experience at Smoak PR has been nothing short of exceptional. Even despite the challenges that were presented by COVID-19, this summer proved to be a rare opportunity to grow in new and unique ways. I was able to expand my knowledge and skills in Public Relations more in three months, primarily remotely, than I ever thought possible! Not only was I continually impressed by the work of the women at Smoak, but I admire and appreciate how much each woman invested in me personally, and in helping me grow as someone aspiring to enter into the PR field. At the beginning of the summer, I wrote that I wanted to learn more about political campaigns and how a job in Public Relations could overlap with the political realm. Upon beginning my internship, I was given the chance to learn both of these things and so much more. Smoak gave me the opportunity to work closely with a local political campaign, even taking it a step further by allowing me to produce social media content, E-Blasts, and press releases. This is just the tip of the iceberg of some of the opportunities I was given this summer; I was able to work with a diverse group of clients, crafting content for their social media, websites, community relations, and more. Most importantly, I was able to cater all of these skills and projects to the circumstances under which we are currently living, which increased by ability to produce quality content in any environment. As I leave this internship, I am incredibly grateful for the enriching and insightful experience that I had at Smoak PR.

Emily Gallman, Clemson University:

As the summer comes to a close, I can’t help but feel gratitude for the experience I am walking away with. Of course, it is important to address that our summer was affected by COVID-19 in some ways, but that did not hinder my time at Smoak PR. If anything, it taught me more skills in time management, collaboration, punctuality, and getting comfortable with asking for help. While this summer was a change for everyone in the office, the ladies of Smoak PR did not let this affect how much time and energy they invested in the interns and our learning experience. Just a few of the skills I learned over the past few months are graphic design, social media content creation, writing, and even photography! While completing a virtual internship would typically be disappointing for most, I found that Smoak PR was able to make their job seem even more relevant during this trying time. I learned how important it is to not only address current events, but to respond to them in a timely manner. The skills I learned through this internship will be those that I carry while entering the workforce, and I feel an immense amount of appreciation for Smoak PR.

Breya Moss, Coastal Carolina University:

My time at Smoak PR has been an amazing learning experience. As a college student, there is only so much you can learn in the classroom so getting real world professional experience is crucial. Although COVID-19 changed the dynamic of having a face-to-face internship, I was able to learn just as much virtually. This opportunity made me realize how important Public Relations is in these unprecedented times. It also helped me realize that I am able to do my best when I am in the office and able to collaborate and brainstorm. I really enjoyed watching the women of Smoak PR interact with their clients and seeing their passion for PR. This summer I was able to gain experience in community relations by creating innovative ideas for virtual events. I also learned a lot about social media and ways to generate content. One thing that I enjoyed about generating social media content was working with Canva. This allowed me to become more aware of my creative side. As I leave this internship, I am able to take everything I have learned this summer and apply it to any future situation. I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to gain knowledge from Smoak PR this summer.

As promised, we have put all of our efforts into making the most of this internship. Signing off with a piece of advice for the future interns: ask questions, speak your mind, and form connections with the amazing women of Smoak PR.

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