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Real Life Lessons Learned Outside of the Classroom

As my internship with Smoak Public Relations comes to a close, I am able to reflect on the valuable lessons I have learned and the relationships I have built over the past four months; all of which I would not have been able to experience in the classroom. Smoak PR has taught me everything from the details of event planning and effective PR writing, to the creativity behind social media. Most importantly, I have learned the value of real-world experience and this reassured my passion for this industry.

Before my internship with Smoak PR, I had little experience with event planning. From booking a vendor and a venue, providing all the correct credentials, and maintaining a close relationship with the client, I have been able to see the amazing value and organization that goes into event planning first-hand. Watching all the women of Smoak PR help and collaborate with each other for every event has been an inspiring example of teamwork that I think any intern would be lucky to experience.

Smoak PR also provided me the skills and knowledge to be able to draft and write professional press releases and company newsletters. Each client has a different voice, tone, and story to tell. That said, I now fully understand how to cater each client’s content to their brand in order to share their message most effectively. In addition, I was given the opportunity to assist in caption and copy writing for social media which has provided great insight into understanding each client. I am confident this is a skill that will benefit me in my future career tremendously.

Something I especially enjoyed during my semester with Smoak PR was getting to watch and work with Hannah on social media and graphic design. As a graphic design minor in school, Smoak PR has given me the perfect opportunity to utilize my prior knowledge, while learning fresh skills and techniques in graphic design, digital media and social media. I now fully understand what a significant influence a social media presence has, and how you can really express your creativity within this role. The creative freedom I was given through my internship is something I find particularly lucky to have experienced this fall.

Lastly, and what I found to be the most valuable aspect of my internship is the real-world experience I was provided. Having an internship with an organization like Smoak PR has given me the skills, knowledge, and experience that I would not have been able to acquire in a classroom. I was exposed to real-world clients, meetings, events, and everything behind the scenes showing me how a successful public relations firm really runs. Not only did this experience provide me with the skills and confidence to move forward with my career, but Smoak PR truly cares about their interns. I enjoyed the relationships built with all the women of Smoak PR, each of which made it a priority to be helpful, friendly, and supportive. I encourage anyone seeking an experience-filled, hands on, creative internship in the PR industry to apply!


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