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SANDLAPPER Securities, LLC launches Tax Reduction Investment Programs and Strategies (TRIPS)

Greenville based SANDLAPPER Securities, LLC (“Sandlapper”) has launched its latest initiative to help clients reduce their annual tax burdens.  Tax Reduction Investment Programs & Strategies, known as TRIPS has been launched on-line at www.PayLessTaxes.com and is a cooperative of local tax and financial professionals dedicated to helping individuals find ways to lower their tax burden and maximize their investable dollars to aid them in meeting their current and future financial needs.

“In investing, it is not about what you make as much as about what you keep,” states SANDLAPPER founder and CEO Trevor L. Gordon.  “Too often we see portfolios that on paper make investors so much money, but due largely to the absence of actual tax planning or consideration, their portfolios are terribly inefficient. We believe that by dedicating ourselves through this collaboration we can help investors maximize the results and in some cases help investors reduce their tax burden up to 50%.”

“TRIPS is NOT a tax or debt settlement firm, but a cooperative of professionals who can look at an individual’s entire financial and tax picture and can make recommendations tailored to their individual needs.  Gordon continues, “it is not just about saving you from paying more in taxes, but how those excesses or savings can be redeployed to build out a larger and hopefully more stable long term financial investment picture.”

TRIPS is comprised of the following:

  • SANDLAPPER Securities, LLC, a full-service independent broker dealer and FINRA member firm specializing in a large cross section of financial products and services;
  • Fred J. Adams, CPA, a Greenville-based tax and accounting firm;
  • Byford Law, LLC, a private law firm practicing in the areas of corporate and tax law;
  • Sandlapper Wealth Management, LLC, an SEC registered investment advisory firm specializing in creating and managing customized fee-based financial, retirement and estate planning investment portfolios.

Individuals interested in learning more about TRIPS can visit them online at www.PayLessTaxes.com and fill out an initial, no-obligation questionnaire.  TRIPS professionals will then analyze this data which will provide the basis of recommendations for greater tax mitigation.  “It is important for us to make our initial consultation available at no-charge,” states Gordon. “There are many services out there that require pay up-front or on-going retainers just to analyze your financial picture and we don’t believe you should spend money to find out if we can save you money.”

Through TRIPS and www.paylesstaxes.com, Sandlapper is continuing its mission to provide each client with products and programs that best align with their individual needs, strategies and investment desires.

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