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Summer Internship Reflection

As our summer internship comes to a close, we reflect on our time here at Smoak PR. This summer has been a season of learning for all of us. We have learned what it means to adapt, roll with the punches, and take criticism as it comes. Beginning this internship, we all had different expectations of what was ahead, but we have come to learn that different strengths and weaknesses make up a team. Coming out of a pandemic made our internship unlike any other. We are very thankful for everyone at Smoak PR and the opportunity they gave us!

Julia W:

This summer I have learned exponentially more than I had expected. Coming into this internship I had no prior PR experience, so I had very naive expectations. I had learned a little bit through my college classes, but I have learned more this summer than I have my entire college career. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the Smoak PR team. They are skilled and informative about their field and are very eager to teach us anything and everything. My favorite part about this experience was getting to take photos with Ashtyn for client content and getting to do social analytics alongside Julia M. Having my images posted on social media allowed me to grow in how I took different pictures based on client personalities and needs. After posting on social media, we could then look at their reach and engagement with the audience each month by researching client analytics. Before this internship I didn’t know that looking at analytics was an important part of PR, but it allows us to adjust what we do based on what the audience likes and engages with. I have also made new friendships during this internship. I have bonded with the other interns this summer working closely with them. This has added to my summer experience because not only did I gain knowledge, but also friends.

Julia M:

While the summer internship at Smoak PR has come to a close, I feel an immense amount of appreciation for the real-world professional experience that I have learned about the public relations industry. As the world continues to reopen following the pandemic, I am extremely thankful to have had an in-person internship experience this past summer. Over the past few months, I have learned a variety of public relations skills such as graphic design, content creation for social media accounts, press release writing, and event planning. One of my favorite parts of my internship experience was attending client meetings with the ladies in the office, where I learned the importance of building strong client relationships and meeting their needs. The ladies at Smoak PR were always willing to include the interns with any of their tasks and make a truly memorable learning experience. I now feel more comfortable collaborating with coworkers, working in an office environment, and communicating with a diverse group of clients. After learning a wide range of skills throughout this internship, I can now enter the workforce confidently once I graduate, and I’ll forever be grateful for all of the experiences I have had at Smoak PR.


This summer seems to have gone by in a blur. I remember taking the first week or so to get a feel for Smoak as a company, and Smoak’s many clients. Starting about halfway through our second week, we were given real tasks with real results. Everything from content calendars, to photoshoots, to client meetings, to event planning. There was rarely a dull moment in the office. The interns make up a substantial part of the team here at Smoak, so the tasks that we have been given this summer are actual needs for their clients. This kind of hands-on experience has been part of the reason that I have loved this internship. Working full-time with a team around me, made up of amazing interns and exceptional executives, has been an education in the professional workforce for me. I’ve started to imagine more of the day-to-day of my career after college, and my experience this summer has helped me with that. I’m so grateful for the opportunity that I’ve been given this summer, and I’m excited to take what I’ve learned here back to my final year of college.


My time at Smoak Public Relations this past summer has been such an amazing experience. It was the perfect introduction to the public relations field. I was able to create content for numerous clients, get a feel for the daily work pace, and interact with many talented people in the industry. I am so grateful to have been able to learn such valuable bits of knowledge in a hands-on environment.  This opportunity has given me the basics in the field of public relations, I’m excited for the new opportunities to come!

We are excited to continue to move forward in our careers with the new experience and knowledge we have learned from Katherine and her team. The skills that we all have learned throughout our time at Smoak PR will be extremely helpful when entering the workforce and pursuing a future career. By making the most out of our time here, we have now formed lifelong connections with all of the amazing ladies at Smoak PR.

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