Written by Smoak PR

Meet Our Summer Interns

Julia Wrenn: 

My name is Julia Wrenn. I am a junior at the University of South Carolina, majoring in Public Relations, with a minor in Retail. Meeting and interacting with individuals is my favorite aspect of PR. During my internship with Smoak PR this summer, I look forward to meeting with clients while assisting with their PR needs. I have decided to pursue Public Relations because I value out of office experiences, such as meeting with clients, gathering content, and achieving clients’ goals. I am sure this internship will help me develop more knowledge about PR and further my career in the field.

Rachel Page:


My name is Rachel Page. I am a senior Communications Studies major at Furman University. I am incredibly excited to have this opportunity with Smoak PR this summer. I decided to declare a Communications Studies major because I believe that I will have a valuable skill set that can be applied to a variety of fields. With that in mind, I hope to gain more experience in the Public Relations field this summer to see if it is a career field that I would be interested in pursuing after graduation. I hope that my time at Smoak will give me a ‘hands-on’ approach to interacting with clients, meeting deadlines, and a better sense of the professional atmosphere that I will be working in after college. 

Julia Monninger:

My name is Julia Monninger. I am a rising senior at Clemson University studying Communication with a minor in Business Administration. Throughout my summer internship at Smoak PR, I am looking forward to learning about the fast-paced nature of the public relations industry, knowing how to maintain the reputation of a brand, and connecting/networking with clients and everyone in the office. Another side of public relations that I hope to learn more about is event planning and social media management. I would love to learn how to plan events for clients and run them successfully, as well as choose the best images and captions that resonate with people in the community. I am so excited to begin my internship at Smoak PR and develop skills that I can use during a future career!

Kit Miller:

My name is Kit Miller. I am a rising senior at the University of South Carolina majoring in Mass Communications and minoring in Fashion Merchandising. I chose to study communications because of the critical role it plays in business, regardless of the field. During my time at Smoak PR this summer, I hope to learn more about the communications field, make connections with clients and others in the field, as well as  understanding the ins and outs of the industry. Something I am most excited for is the out-of-office element as well as being able to aid clients in giving them the best public relations experience possible. I am so looking forward to my time at Smoak PR this summer and beginning my career in PR!

We are all very excited to be starting this summer in the office, at least most days out of the week. This experience holds a lot of new challenges and tasks, but we are eager to start tackling those goals together. Though we are from different schools, and slightly different academic paths, our different experiences should help us share different perspectives on the same challenges. We cannot wait to get this summer started!

Written by Smoak PR

Meet Our Spring Interns!

Smoak PR is thrilled to welcome three new Spring interns: Irene, Lizzie, and Lindsey. As college students interested in improving their communications skills, Smoak PR will prepare them with knowledge and experience in the public relations industry. To kick off the semester, each intern introduces herself and her goals for this time with Smoak PR:

My name is Irene Biganzoli and I am a junior at the University of South Carolina Upstate, majoring in Communications Mass Media, with double minor in Business & Entrepreneurship and French. I chose to follow this career path because I am fascinated by how words and effective messages can change how one’s story or passion is perceived. Communication is an everchanging field which amazes me, bringing to light modern platforms and utilizing them in the most efficient way. This fresh and dynamic side of communication is what brought me to choose it as a career. While studying and researching mass media and marketing tactics in the classroom, I hope that this amazing opportunity at Smoak PR will show me how these tactics are applied in the real world, teaching me new ones and reinforcing the lessons learned. I hope to become a better communicator, online and with Smoak PR clients and team, gaining hands on experience in areas like media relations and strategic planning.  

My name is Lizzie Burnett. I am a senior at Clemson University studying Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management with a concentration in Travel and Tourism. As one might guess, I have a heart for travel and adventure, and I want each day to look different and allow creativity in the workplace. One of the major trends in what I have studied is the importance of local pride, events, and having a great sense of involvement in the community. This is largely what attracted me to an internship in Public Relations. I am hopeful that this opportunity to intern at Smoak PR will teach me valuable lessons in how to inform the public on ways to get involved and improve the connectivity of a community. 

My name is Lindsey Cottle. I am a junior Communication Studies and French double major at Furman University. My favorite aspect of PR is getting to work with people, learning about their creative visions and helping make those a reality while simultaneously meeting their brand’s more pragmatic needs. I have a passion for travel and for education – which, to me, are one in the same – so I’m constantly trying to see more of the world, meet new people, and interact with cultures and mindsets different from my own. At the root of all these interactions is communication, hence my major: in our hyperconnected world, people seem to feel more disconnected than ever. This phenomenon underscores the importance of effective and meaningful communication, both digitally and interpersonally. I hope to refine the communication skills I’ve developed during my time at Furman through this internship with Smoak PR to better connect with others, and to serve my community by engaging with the public at a local, regional, and global level! 

Although we are beginning our internships virtually, we aim to emphasize collaboration and connection in order to make the most of this opportunity at Smoak PR. Each of us has a similar educational background, and yet brings her own unique set of skills to the table. We can’t wait to discover what this semester has in store for us!