Stories We Tell: Southeast U.S.-Japan Association

Created in 1976, the Southeast U.S.- Japan Association (SEUS Japan) was established to promote trade, investment, understanding and friendship between Japan and U.S. member states. Member states include Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee. A Japanese counterpart, the Japan-U.S. Southeast Association (JUSSA), has membership comprised of Japan’s leading corporations.

An Annual Joint Meeting (AJM) between the two associations is held on a rotational basis in Japan and the southeastern U.S., alternating between the locations every other year. Also on a rotational basis, each of the seven states serves as “Host and Co-host State” for a two-year term and assumes leadership of SEUS-Japan during that period. South Carolina last hosted the meeting in Charleston in 2002.

The 2017 conference features an outstanding lineup of speakers and an exciting series of special activities. This year’s conference theme “Success through Tradition, Innovation & Partnerships” was reflected in conference sessions on timely and valuable topics such as labor force trends and challenges and where will the U.S.-Japan relationship be in the next few years especially as it relates to trade and investment. In this, the 40th Annual Joint Meeting perfectly reflects the tradition and the partnerships that have been created between Japan and the Southeast U.S. through the relationship of these two associations.

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