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Tips for creating a successful team building activity, luxury retreat or corporate event?

In today’s competitive business landscape, it is important to take advantage of opportunities that will further your brand, increase awareness and position your company in a positive light. There are countless creative techniques to accomplish these objectives, however, unique team building activities, luxury retreats and off-campus events are a few examples that can achieve success. Here are four techniques that can help your company excel with creative corporate hospitality.


  1. Go where your target audience goes. By understanding your target market, you can identify which corporate events are a fit for your consumer or client base. Do most of your sales meetings happen out on the golf course? Do your clients enjoy the game? If the answer is yes, why not think about sponsoring a skybox at the next PGA tour event or even host a team building activity at your local driving range with a food truck and live entertainment. Tapping into your audience’s interests always yields positive results.


  1. Tailor your experience. By understanding what your client enjoys, you make their experience at a corporate event, luxury retreat or team building activity, a memorable occasion. You can then provide a customized theme with unique offerings, such as decoration, food, entertainment and more. By delivering thoughtful experiences, you create lasting relationships.


  1. Don’t overlook the details. Oftentimes, the largest events hinge on the smallest details. It is typically the small things like creative giveaways, customized options, and exclusive opportunities that can elevate your luxury retreat, business function or corporate event to the next level.


  1. Expect the unexpected. No matter how well-planned a corporate event or team-building exercise is, it is still important to account for unpredictable elements. When you create secondary plans for every factor, from weather to vendor cancellations, you ensure that your clients still have the best experience possible.




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