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The Importance of Media Relations When Building a Brand

Media Relations gives your brand depth and personality whether you are building your personal brand or one for business. Establishing and developing lasting relationships with those in the media landscape is critical to your brand’s success. These relationships will be helpful as you look to tell your story and ultimately increase your overall brand awareness throughout your community.

Below are a few tips on why building relationships with the media is critically important.

Happy storytelling!

1.       Work smarter, not harder – Utilizing the platforms that media outlets have access to like their social media pages, print publications, comprehensive email databases and more, allow you to share your message to a larger audience with great efficiency. By introducing yourself and your brand to local writers, reporters and influencers you are able to build relationships with those in the market who have the loudest voices, and therefore, the greatest impact.

2.       Establish yourself as a thought leader – After introducing yourself to local media outlets, as well as sharing your story, you will hopefully gain the opportunity to have your story published. Coverage in a local business magazine, or highlighting your expertise in the local major daily newspaper, establishes you as a thought leader among your peers, and within your industry. This is great for building a solid reputation and continuing to enhance your own brand moving forward.

3.       Challenge yourself – As PR professionals, it is our job to build relationships with local media in order to effectively tell the stories of our clients. We realize that you may not have the expertise to simply shoot an email to a reporter and ask for coverage. What you can do is pick up the publication that you wish to be featured in and read it! Look for who is writing the articles that most closely resonate to you and your brand and then do a bit of research for contact information. Once you find their email address, a simple email introduction and “pitch” can go a long way! Getting out of your comfort zone to build your brand is important, and challenging yourself to do research and ultimately start to build relationships with those who can tell your story, will be very helpful as you continue to grow.


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