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Why is Engagement So Important?

In a world that is constantly connected, some may wonder, how do you do it? By “it” I mean manage multiple social media platforms on a day to day basis and stay engaged with different audiences. So, one may ask, what exactly is engagement? Engagement is simply getting your followers to do something in response to your post. Whether it is liking, sharing, or commenting, it is getting followers to see, read and interact with your content. Now that you have an idea of what engagement is you may wonder, well why is it so important and how do I increase my engagement?
Engagement is more important than just getting likes and comments. The primary reason we prioritize engagement is because it generates relationships and builds brand awareness. We always strive to be thought leaders and to do so, a recognizable brand and interactive presence is key. When you engage and show interest, you increase trust which leads to new business, brand exposure and top-of-mind awareness. To make the most of your social media content and engagement, I have a few tips for you to keep in mind:
1) Numbers-First things first, let me address this. Numbers are NOT everything. For example, it is much more useful to have an organic following that is interested in your brand, than to pay for random followers. Follow people that make sense and when someone follows you make sure to follow them back. The number rule also applies to likes, comments and shares. Yes, it is a great feeling to get more likes than usual, however, do not solely focus on this number. If you are posting consistently and staying relevant, your numbers will naturally begin to increase.
2) Photos- Visuals are everything! On average, people spend no more than 3 seconds per post while scrolling through their Instagram feed. It is important to realize that colorful, high quality photos are going to make someone stop and look. Consistency with photos and graphics is key-use your brand colors, fonts, etc. that people will begin to recognize overtime.
3) Personality- Your brand has a personality. Whether it is professional, funny, or a mix of both, make sure that your content is a reflection on your company’s personality. Create posts that captivate for your audience. Make sure you are posting content that is helpful, entertaining or interesting to your followers. I have found that people want to know what you do on a day-to-day basis. Give your audience a behind the scenes view of what you do, this will spark their curiosity.
4) Strategy- Make sure to have a strategy behind your content and don’t just post to post. Mix up your posts. If you are posting an informative tip one day, make sure to post something different the next day. Always have goals and objectives that you are trying to meet through social media. It is hard to directly measure success through social media but take advantage of platform analytics to see what is working and what is not. As you probably know, there are times of day that are recommended for posting, but social media is 24/7. Engage with your audience when they are plugged in and when you are more likely to get a response from them.


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