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Why You Should Gain Internship Experience

The “real world”. A phrase that tends to intimidate every college student. It is an entirely different ball-game after college graduation. However, what you learn in college versus what you will learn in the “real world” is surprisingly very different. How can you prepare yourself for this new normal? Internships! They are key to preparing you for this transition.


  •  Internships help you stand out
    • With an increase of people entering the workforce, finding the right job is competitive and difficult. Future employers are going to flip through hundreds of applications and yours needs to grab their attention. The more work experience you have, the better your chance at landing an interview. Trust me, internships are more valuable than your sorority leadership position or intermural sports involvement. We suggest making them highest priority.


  • Internships help you foster certain skills that aren’t taught inside the classroom
    • First and foremost, internships offer you experience. Internships within this industry, may allow you to write press releases, create social media strategies, communicate with reporters or even plan events. You are typically not given these opportunities within the classroom. You will also learn how to work with different personalities, manage your time wisely and communicate with others.


  • Internships let you know what you want (or don’t want) to do
    • Internships may not tell you exactly what you want to do, but they may be able to tell you what you don’t want to do. Either way, internships allow you to narrow down your job search based on your likes and dislikes. If you realize that you aren’t a huge fan of one field, don’t fret… there are plenty more that you can explore.


Internships opportunities prepare you for the workforce. They offer you a sneak peek into the “real world”, allow you to gain invaluable experience and introduce you to new skills. If you’re wanting to set yourself up for success and gain real experience in the public relations industry, apply for a summer internship with Smoak PR today!



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